Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tonight's Spinning Music Set List 2


Fitness tool kit addition! Here's the new spinning set of the week - it was a hit. My fave - Robbie Williams Rock DJ. I always keep extra warm up/cool down and work songs at the end, as usual. I'll probably swap out Get Together, because I use it to start another set and I don't like to reuse too many songs across my classes during a week. I used this set to do combos, where I use two songs as one work song, like the ladder - we climb up during Millenium and we ladder down during Bones. I've got double Killers, double Robbie Williams and double Michael Jackson, just because they're the hits. This set had us out of the saddle a lot more than some of my other sets and it was a nice change. I had a crazy calorie blast, I couldn't get a glass of milk into my system after class fast enough.

*My spin classes are 60 minutes in length and I aim for 56 minutes of pretty intense work and just go over a little with stretches and cool down at the end. We don't waste a second!
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