Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Life's Little Lessons: Part 4


Photo: Me about to run across the finish line of my first triathlon in August 2010. Proud moment and photo for me.

Total Weight Lost: (since September 2009): 43 LBS!

Total Weight Lost on Nutrisystem (since November 2010): 3 LBS!

My Lesson: Some weeks, I may not lose weight, but I still love and respect myself and honor how far I have come so far. It was a busy week and for a combination of small reasons, I just couldn't knock off any weight this week. I was pretty frustrated the first part of the week, but then I realized how healthy I have become and that I need to take care of myself and be proud. I need to love my body at this size to move forward and lose more weight. I also have a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning that I have been training for and my goal is to sprint it to the best of my ability! I'm really excited to try and beat my personal best time of 30 minutes. (This time may not be fast for longtime runners, but it was exciting for me when I hit it!) Stay tuned for the results!

My Nutrisystem: It was hard to stick with Nutrisystem this past week, because I had a lot of events and parties, like an Oyster Roast on Saturday night and a party at my own house on Friday night. I could have done a MUCH better job of limitting some of the bad for me food, but I didn't and though I was fairly careful with calories, I need quality food! In light of that, I'm happily back to Nutrisystem food for the core of my meals again, even with Thanksgiving this week.

My Nutrisystem Favorites: I have recently fallen in love with a few rocking NS food items. I'm picky, so I'm hard to please food-wise, but these items blew me away this week. The italian herb flatbread pizza, the chicken with dumplings, the bbq sauce with pork wrap and the cinnamon roll. To their credit, I'm kind of dreaming about warming up the cinnamon roll as I type. I won't, but it is that good!

Words of Wisdom: Thanksgiving Edition! My mom, dad and brother will be at my home in South Carolina and I get to cook the big meal. It's a tradition that I've had every year since college. This year, I'm cutting back on just a few cals and will be careful with portion control on my own plate. I'll have all the goodies - the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls and a pumpkin pie. And all from scratch, because if I can't put the effort in there, then it's not worth eating! My goal is to have 3 vegetables as well this year, sans the normal casseroles I'm so used to putting the veggies in. I can try a little bit of everything and enjoy it all. I am also making less of each item. I don't need leftovers for the next week to tempt me!

Thanksgiving Day Bonus: I convinced my brother and one of my friends to run in the previously mentioned Turkey Chase 5K with me. If you can't do a turkey day run/walk race, find another way to get in some exercise in the morning. Get family and friends involved. Take a long walk, go on a bike ride, drive to a park, play football or soccer. Act early so you eliminate guilt later. The activity gets the blood pumping, the joy flowing and you'll have great memories and maybe even photos of you together in sport.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

FTC Disclaimer: I am receiving the Nutrisystem program complimentary in exchange for my personal reviews each week.
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