Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Life's Little Lessons: Part 5


Photo: My friend Tom (13th place), me (86th place) and my brother, Chris (7th place) after the Bluffton 5K Turkey Chase.

Total Weight Lost: (since September 2009): 46 LBS!

Total Weight Lost on Nutrisystem (since November 2010): 6 LBS!

My Lesson: I am mentally tougher than I ever thought possible. After a week of not losing any weight, I knocked off 3 pounds this week!!!! I hit an all time low weight that dates back to my early middle school days! Plus, the three of us (in the pic above) killed it at the Bluffton 5K on Thanksgiving morning. My big goal of the week was to beat my 30:34 personal best time and I did it. I ran the 5K in 28:56. All those times my dad and others said "if you believe it you can acheive it", finally mean something. I get it. I believe in myself.

My Nutrisystem: Thanksgiving dinner or not, I'm still watching the pounds melt away. I eat when I'm hungry and I'm not focused on polishing off any leftovers. I have a kitchen chock full of healthy Nutrisystem food, fruits, veggies, cheese, nuts, milk and protein. I've really narrowed down my grocery shopping to only what is good for me. I've still got some white flour, sugar, pretzels and a partial box of cereal in the pantry, but besides that, my home is full of quality food. I'm forced to eat healthy and as I lose more weight, the motivation to eat right gets stronger.

My Nutrisystem Weekly Favorites: There is a great new addition to Nutrisystem food and it is their delicous Nutrisystem Select Program option! I got a delivery of their new frozen foods which include a few of my new favorites - obviously, the ice cream sandwich and creamy fudge bar are hits. There's a yummy ham and cheese sandwich, steak & cheese melt and turkey pepperoni pizza. A few come with mushrooms, so still avoiding those.

Words of Wisdom: If I made it through Thanksgiving with success and weight loss, I know I can do the same with Christmas. I'll be traveling for 10 days visiting family and friends with my brother, so I'll lean on him for some help keeping up with workouts. I'm also packing a lot of Nutrisystem bars for a healthy food option when on the road. It helps to have a close friend or family member who is active, athletic and/or a super healthy eater. My brother is an all-around support for me on this journey, because he's a great athlete and friend to me.

I really appreciate everyone's support. My #NSNation team, led by Meredith, my longtime and new friends, my mom, my dad and everyone in my life is helping me push through all of my past beliefs and excuses to see that I can change and transform my life any time I want. I have so much positive energy helping me out!

FTC Disclaimer: I am receiving the Nutrisystem program complimentary in exchange for my personal reviews each week.
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Anonymous said...

Kel ~
You are doing awesome!! Keep up the great job and rock on :)

So glad you are enjoying our Nutrisystem Select gourmet frozen meals. :)