Sunday, September 7, 2008

Britney's Back and the VMA's are still bad.


I have some major problems with tonight's VMA's, but let's first welcome Britney Spears back to the land of the living. She looked beautiful and sounded like it's all coming back to her. I think we may actually see her perform like her old self one day very soon.

So the VMA's - I don't want to waste time on them because they were so bad. Pete Wentz even ended up looking lame. That's difficult to do.

The highlights were the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry with DJ AM and Travis Barker and the double Rihanna performances.

Christina Aguilera chose to dance and lip sync. Really bad but I do enjoy the new song. It's like she suddenly lost her well-planned identity. Greg (Littley - go go gadget google alert) may be right. Best hair she's ever had, though. Read: Army of Spanx.

The way they handed Britney three moon men was obviously forced on MTV by Larry Rudolph. Why else do a costume change in the middle of the show AFTER you've presented and accepted two awards.

It was one big sell-out show. Russell Brand was decent. And now that's enough time wasted. I'm still reeling from Aguilera's performance - superhero WEIRD.
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j--phillips said...

agreed on the VMAs... yuck.


brit's video should have been called "piece of sh*t". i could have made that at my old apartment with twenty bucks and the video function on my digital camera. seriously.

i can't go ALL the way with you on chrissy, however; while the lip-syncing was a bit disappointing, i appreciated the slight image toying and LOVED the "genie" remake and the new tune.

admit it: she "keeps gettin' better..."

but i know you never will. :) MISS YOU!

L.A. said...

russell brand was disgusting w/his remarks of sarah palin, her daughter & the republicans. the vma show is no place for politics. as if that cockney wierdo cd/v influenced any new voters to vote for obama. they were the only ones watching that awful show. stick to your "brand" of comedy.