Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kelly Meets Heidi


As Fashion Week tends to be...crazy...I run around and snag celeb interviews for my various work publications. This season has been especially wonderful to me. I met JT, interviewed Serena Williams after her US Open win, watched Roger Federer win at Arthur Ashe and last night, interviewed the adorable Heidi Klum.

She asked me if I wanted kids - which if you know me, you know the answer. She then told me that nothing was more important than love and family. She basically acted as my therapist for 10 minutes - it was oddly sweet and funny. Meanwhile friends around me couldn't help but laugh as they listened.

She's awesome. Go out and buy her Jordache clothes. I'll support anything she does.
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LesserKnown said...

wow- now THIS is a moment i wish i had witnessed... :)