Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Phelps: From Disneyworld


Oh that delicious Michael Phelps - that swimmer's bod. YUM! He is so cute and yes, it is nice that he also has 8 Gold medals and is the greatest swimmer in history. (With a little help from Speedo and that razor suit!)

He's down in Florida this weekend at Typhoon Lagoon - my favorite water park in the world! He and Ian Crocker with Lenny Krayzelburg are launching the Disney tour, Swim with the Stars. They are serious about making swimming more popular!
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Erik said...

what in sam hell is swim with the stars??

j--phillips said...

yes, yes, YES! jesus, i LOVE mr. phelps...

i'm so glad someone else in this world just thinks he is motherfuckin' SMOKIN'! :)

of course it's you... we agree on most things... MOST. :)