Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Chooses Sarah Palin

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John McCain has chosen governor Sarah Palin from Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Sarah has lots of state experience but only two years at the governor level - she was previously the mayor. She's 44 and set to be the manager of the two. Her son (like Joe Biden's) is set to head to Iraq in our Armed Services.

Let's get through these over the top conventions and get back to the basics and the details. I want Hillary level specifics on what each campaign is going to do.

(Speaking of Hil - eeek. This has to be tough for her.)

Obama Biden or McCain Palin - You decide.


j--phillips said...

yuck... i love you, kel, and you KNOW i love fierce women in power, but mccain-palin is my personal nightmare.


L.A. said...

somebody just opened adoor and let in some fresh air - sarah palin! new voice, fresh face, confident, gutsy, no-nonsense, maverick for change. mccain and palin-REAL change we can believe in!!!!