Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Married Again! updated -


Spoiler Alert...for all you J&K watchers! (I am OBSESSED with this Monday night TLC show.) Jon and Kate Gosselin are renewing their vows in Hawaii this summer! The cute family of twins and sextuplets traveled to the big island this weekend to vaca and renew vows for an upcoming episode. Aaden is my fave sextuplet - those tiny glasses get me every time.

UPDATE: I never really expected such a wild reaction to this, of all posts. I have been getting many email comments from people either loving the show or hating it. Now, I clearly stated my feelings, but I would just like to add that for all the people out there who think Kate is too tough and a nut...I think it might be difficult to judge unless you have 8 children roughly the same age. I often think she's a bit tough on Jon too, but I'm pretty willing to understand her stress and intensity with twins and sextuplets. Also, for the readers who are unsure of how they afford these's a production cost that the show's producer's offset.

I think they are a great family example and personally, I've learned a lot from Kate and Jon as parents that I hope will benefit my children one day. As much as they mess up, get angry and freak out, they love each other more than anything else at the end of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Just thought I would mention that Aiden is the 'tup who wears glasses, not Collin. Collin is the one who is built more solid and Joel is the one who looks a lot like Collin but isn't so stocky.

That's all :-)

Anonymous said...

It's odd that Kate constantly mentions that she and Jon are modest.
For a family who states that they do not have a lot of money, they travel constantly. Poor Aunt Jodi, Kate just couldn't share the wealth. Jon leave Kate if it wasn't for the tv show & the children being so young. Grow up Kate and appreciate Jon.

Anonymous said...

Kate you are not an actress although you think you are. You complain and put down Jon if he ever forgets and talks to the film crew, however; you you talk to the crew, roll your eyes, and make complaints about Jon to the camera yourself. Do you think your perfect? You address Jon like you are his drills sergeant. Kate you will be the reason viewers stop watching. I hope you read this and change your wicked ways.

rebelprince26 said...

i don't even know who these people are!

grannie said...

Read aunt jodi's sisters post to see what really is going on Aunt Jodi appeared on there today. Jon and Kate are moochers Who cares that they have 8 children so do a lot of families and our churches are full of those families who don't get help.. She also recently dissed Kelly Ripa, who does Kate think she is??

Anonymous said...

First of all, if you would watch the show you would know they are not wealthy!! They are given these gifts from people who care like myself! They would never in a million years be givin the chance to show there kids the world and travel without people helping them. I am all for it,people like us who dont have that many children of the SAME AGE can work extra to make the extra money to travel where ever we wanted to. Im am happy to see other people giving them trips and free things its not easy being the parents of 8 kids which 6 are the same age 24/7. I am extremly happy for them. I can't imagine living a life so hard like theres. Dont hate on them, I wanna see you be in there shoes.

Anonymous said...

I watch the show because the children are so adorable. Maddy is spoiled and selfish, but that's the jealousy coming through. The real problem is the mother. Kate is an absolute control freak. I feel sorry for John - he seems afraid to tell her what he really thinks. I hope the tups go to nursery school - they need to get away from Mom. Also, where are the grandparents - especially John's parents. I have the feeling the grandparents do not approve of the exploitation of their grandchildren. Also, tell Kate to lower her voice and speak to her children with love and respect. Flexibility is a possibility too.

Anonymous said...

I love the jon and kate show'''me and my kids watch it everyday' we just purchased the dvd and we laugh at the same thing every time'''the thing about kate (i think) is she has 8 kids to control you have to be controling'although she needs to be more controlling on mady''if you dont get a hold on her now when she is little just wait tell she is a teengaer i know because i have a daughter like mady''and she will tell you what happend to her when she back talks'she doesnt get to watch tv play with her friends stuff she loves to do she doesnt get to do when she back talks'''i think the episode that jon had to take care of his kids by himself he also saw that you have to be controling''the thing that i dont like is when kate tells jon to do something she always puts him down after''like when she said wheres my husband 'absent as usual''thats kinda harsh to here your wife talking to you like that''but i hope their marrage survives 'you see that reality shows end up in divorce''kate should try more things that jon likes' life is to short to sit behind the scenes and not want to at lease try things and not give up so fast''

Tasha said...

jon is no saint. he is passive aggressive. many weak types align themselves with strong bully types and then reap the benefit of being the Niceone.
Jon trashed kate over the physical trainer who has long blonde hair which is what Jon likes exclusively.
I wonder if jon will have an affair , ruin the family , and then blame Kate. I know i had one child and if I had 8 i would take to my bed with opium.
she has a personality type that is uptight but Jon didnt have to marry her. he could have stayed a ski bum.
if she didnt keep the house so nice and orderly she would lose custody of them. many women have lost custody just for dirty dishes but then they were poor .

Anonymous said...

For the person that hopes the 'tups go to nursery school i guess you haven't been watching??? they are in preschool and they love it. I personally love this family. i have watched the show from the very beginning and i believe that they truely love one another. every family has their ways of doing things. that doesnt mean its wrong just because its different then how you raise your family. john loves her, puts up with her, and visa versa, because that's what they do. that's what works for them. kate has always said they get offers to go on these trips. why would she decline??? i wouldn't. its hard enough for me to travel with my husband and one child. IMAGINE 10 PEOPLE???? insane. people are just jealous. the kids are beautiful and are happy and i think kate does the best she knows how/can as a mother.