Wednesday, August 20, 2008

John Edwards is DISGUSTING.


After 3 years at Star mag, people frequently ask about the truth ratio in the National Enquirer. I'm always quick to say that their cover stories are RIGHT ON. They spend mass amounts of money on the researching, following and building of a strong, accurate and detail-filled cover story. The NE does not fool around - if it goes on the cover, it will have multiple sources, grave details and be legalled a million times. They have broken more major news stories than most people can believe because they are still printed on newspaper tabloid quality print.

I've been gagging over John Edwards since he first came on the political scene years ago - I felt like there was something false about him, I couldn't stand when he decided to stay in the presidential race after Elizabeth was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And now...we know...all the details. I feel so bad for his family and I know that Elizabeth does not deserve this kind of scandal as she fights to stay healthy and positive. I hope that she is able to enjoy her children and do things that she loves - I hope that the press leaves her alone.

Of course he is paying for this woman and her love child! He has to - even if he is doing it by making his high-powered and uber wealthy friends make it look like they are paying for it all, we know it's coming straight from him. DISGUSTING.
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