Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Michael McDonald


Many of you will have no idea who this is, but I think quite a few of you will. Michael was a member of the Doobie Brothers way back in the days before I was born and his music has been an important constant my whole life. He has many hit albums and last week, he released Soul Speak. The current blonde theme song features MM. He sang quite a few songs back in the early 80's with Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross and so many other soft rock-ish type guys. He's a big hit at Goldbar.

Kindly, Sean, my DN bud, joined me at his concert last week and I pretty much lost it. It was funny, cool and inspiring to see him continue to rock out. We went down to Blue Note in Greenwich Village to see the show and I actually interviewed him the next day. I would like to say, that I also have MM on my blackberry voicemail leaving me a very long message regarding our interview. I have to somehow make a YOUTUBE vid out of that. So many levels of awesome.
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veritas said...

michael rocks,he sounds just as good now as he did back in the day, and i hope you do a video,that would be fab,and your blonde theme song rocks too......