Sunday, March 9, 2008

Default UNC Fan


Will "the choker" Morgan's cousin Jack plays for UNC, his brother Tom goes to UNC and Will himself is an almnus of UNC. Therefore and in conclusion, I am a UNC fan, so you can imagine my excitement when KEWAC reunited for the big UNC vs. Duke final game of the season on Saturday night at Brother Jimmy's. I toned my Kelly-ness down as much as I could to fit in with the college wearing jean set, Erika only chose partial black and Will ditched his perfectly knotted and natty bow tie. AND UNC WON!!! Yay! #1 team in the country...I like to get behind winners...

For those of you who don't know - wait, would you really be reading my blog? - anyway, just in case you need an intro, KEWAC = the Kelly, Erika and Will Adventure Club. Yes, we are that ridiculous.
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