Monday, February 4, 2008

This is why I have a blog...

Thank goodness I have an outlet to comment on the RIDICULOUSNESS of Paula Abdul singing "live" and performing "live" at a taping for the Superbowl pre-show.

Things to note:

1. Song title - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
2. It's amazing that mic didn't swing back up and slam her with all the hydrolic machinery that was running it.
3. A little piece of my heart died when I realized that while she was taping this mess, our pop princess was being strapped to a gurney at UCLA med center.
4. Paula was clearly off her meds at least 4 hours prior to taping. She danced in high heels, even if the moves were toned down for her age.
5. They either graphically added those wild fans or they paid them a small fortune to get that excited.

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