Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Beach Pics!


My friend Will Morgan came back to South Carolina for some Lowcountry fun last week. We drove into Charleston for some fabulous food and shopping and of course spent a day at the beach. New Year's Eve, in fact! I decided to do my own polar bear plunge and ran in and ran right out of the Atlantic Ocean. It was absolutely warmer outside than in the water. (Air temp was about 63 degrees and I believe the water temp is now in the high 50's.)

Thanks to Nutrisystem and my drive at the gym and teaching spinning classes, that is a beach photo of me in my swimsuit! I'm confident enough to drop that pic to the internets for the world to see. I'm only getting more and more toned each day and it's pretty fun, why not photo document it on Blonde Rules?

Happy New Year!
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