Friday, December 10, 2010

My Life's Little Lessons: Part 6


Total Weight Lost: (since September 2009): 46 LBS!

Total Weight Lost on Nutrisystem (since November 2010): 6 LBS!

My Lesson: Staying motivated during winter months is really difficult for me. I moved to South Carolina to get away from the cold, but there are still a couple cold months and it's been a chilly December so far. Any temp drop below 60 degrees and I want to hibernate and eat for the winter - it's been in the low 30's a lot lately. I know that sounds ridiculous because it isn't all that cold, but I was not built for cold weather. I've also been sick this week, work has been a struggle and my car was also broken into (nothing valuable was in there to be taken, thank goodness!). It was a bit of a tough week and I definitely used food as my coping mechanism. A bit of a fail this week, but I'm allowed to break down occasionally. I'm going to forgive myself and move forward to next week.

My Nutrisystem: I've found a few Nutrisystem dinner foods that I think I could live on forever from their frozen foods Nutrisystem Select Program option. I cook them from freezer to oven and the food tastes fresh. My two favorites of the week are the Ravioli Formaggio and the Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells. Both are filling and feel like complete meals with fresh chunky tomato sauce and spinach. My favorite new lunchtime bar is the Double Chocolate Caramel - it may as well be a candy bar it is so delicious!

Words of Wisdom: I am allowed to slip up, but not give up. I know it was a hard week but I have to push through, stay positive and focus on my goal and breaking down all my attachments to food for comfort. I know I can do this, I've been doing it and I will never give up. This may be a lifelong fight against my desire to use food for things it is not meant to be used for, but I love how I feel, how I look and how I have been able to shift my beliefs about the way things really are.

FTC Disclaimer: I am receiving the Nutrisystem program complimentary in exchange for my personal reviews each week.
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