Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!


I've really been missing in action over the last few months and I'm feeling very guilty about that! I got a place down in South Carolina and frankly, the beach just pulled me away from anything that I normally should focus on. My beach home is on Port Royal Island in a town called Beaufort! It's right on the coast and I'm a few minutes drive to the beach. I'm back in New York for meetings, work and events, but it was time for a little change! We'll see how it all goes, but the first 6 months have been really great. Though I will admit I miss the constant ease of throwing on a glam dress, heels and little hair and makeup for a midnight decision to hit the clubs for a little dancing. Aren't I supposed to grow out of that by 31? So there is a quick update on where I'm at these days, but don't worry New York. I still love you and in fact, will always be back.

Anyway, on to an important is of course, that time of year. The time of year when my Twitter page and MY LIFE becomes all one thing all the time...


It's the US OPEN in Queens out at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center and it's probably my favorite sporting event in the world, every year. This year, Rafael Nadal, World #1, is looking to nab his very first US OPEN title. He's won every other major, the French Open, the Australian Open and Wimbledon, so now, at 24 years old, he will make a new kind of history, placing him in the record books next to Rod Laver, Agassi, Federer and 2 others that I would have to Google to name (sorry old tennis greats) , IF he wins the US OPEN semifinal tomorrow and final on Sunday.

If you know me, you know of my obsession with Rafa. I love the guy. I saw him for the first time in 2006 when I attended my very first night session ever at Arthur Ashe stadium at the US OPEN. The wedgie pick, the pirate pants, the sleeveless shirt, and all that amazing topspin on the ball hooked me in seconds. I've never been the same again. This year I resorted to wearing a Vamos Rafa shirt during matches. (Matches that I have to watch alone, because no could actually stand my steady stream of excited commentary.)

So now, Rafa has made it into the semifinals...airing tomorrow at 12pm on CBS and you know I'll be watching. I will do my best to get back to updating Blonde Rules again more as normal with pictures and celebrity news as I hear it. As always, hit up my Twitter for the constant stream of KW thoughts. It never stops on Twitter, so this is the link.

Love to you all and big hug and kiss!

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