Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learn how to eat, drink and be merry like Bill Gates!


Bill Gates knows how to get down with the cool kids and celebrities as proven this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The computer and technology king ate the trendiest food, danced atop a banquette with a gorgeous blonde and befriended the likes of John Legend. Oh, and he managed to debut and help sell the new film he's a part of, Waiting for Superman. All in a day's work for Bill Gates.

Bill began his Friday night of festival fun at his own Bing Supper Club. The chic crowd munched on Manhattan's finest specially shipped from Philippe Chow. "Bill was in a really festive mood! He had a few friends with him, but was talking to everyone - very friendly. He loved the chicken satay with peanut sauce. He was drinking Johndrow Vineyard wine and hanging out with John Legend. They were deep in conversation over their drinks. Bill stayed out late with the rest of the crowd in Park City."

By Saturday, Bill was ready to party all night long with a banquette of new Sundance friends at his Bing Afterhours event sponsored by Onitsuka Tiger in the Film Lounge/House of Hype. "Bill climbed into a booth and was dancing with a mystery woman. The woman was a young blonde and they were friendly while John Legend performed for Bill and the crowd. Eventually the dance party got going and Bill sipped cocktails and danced late into the night with the mystery girl and a group of friends. Bill had a few cocktails and got into the music and moment of the dance! They were grooving and everyone was having a blast."

Supermodel Rachel Hunter joined Queen Latifah with her entourage while The Roots jammed onstage with John Legend during his set. The Bing event was so successful that this weekend Bill's film, Waiting for Superman, about education in the United State and directed by An Inconvenient Truth's Davis Guggenheim, was sold to Paramount Vantage in record time!
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