Monday, September 14, 2009

Ellen brings Justin Timberlake to American Idol?


Ellen Degeneres is the Paula Abdul replacement on American Idol. Read my interview with her new fellow judge, Kara DioGuardi - she dishes on getting JT on the show and how Ellen is going to blend into their crazy little family!
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Margaret said...

Great interview Kelly! I left this same comment on the piece.

I've been a big fan of Ellen's since her early days of stand-up but was not a big fan of this decision, at first.

This is the best rationale yet: "Music, singing and arranging are an important part of the show, but the additional component is being a star, and Ellen knows how to be a star...."

Daniel said...

Margaret, that's an excellent point. I, too, was skeptical about the decision to bring Ellen onto the show given her lack of musical background, but you're absolutely right about her knowing how to be a star.

I think has some good perspectives as well. Too often people want to say it's all good or all bad, but there are legitimate arguments on both sides.