Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Taste of Alaska - The People


Another Birthday...Another Cruise. Last week I met Patrick and Maria on their ship, the Ms Volendam for my 30th Birthday. We sailed from Vancouver to Alaska and back for 7 all too short days. We had the usual wild time aboard yet another Holland America Cruise ship. Alaska was stunning, but I just live for the new memories I know I'll make each ship. This is now my third ship in the HAL fleet...the Veendam, the Noordam and now the Volendam. I'll be joining the Volendam again in Australia in January and I can't wait. There's never enough time to spend with Maria (Campos), my best friend and the "most popular girl on the ship" aka the female lead singer of the Volendam.

We spent the week in tribute to Michael Jackson, playing his songs day in and day out, dancing to Britney (we'll NEVER grow out of it), hiking and having the best time ever. Patrick wore a wolf shirt every single night. A $12 Alaskan wolf shirt that glowed in the dark. Really, just perfect. Characters are welcome.

Girrrrl. You got this one!

Girl, You gotta see this one.

As always, it was the time of my life.
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