Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - 40 NEW Episodes, Behind the Scenes


That's right, TLC has enlisted the Gosselin's for another 40 episodes. It looks like this may be the last 40, ever. We can only hope. This family needs some off screen life to sort out the mess they created. I LOVE this family, but it is heartbreaking to watch another reality show tear a couple apart. Fame changes almost everyone - you can't avoid it.

The show had 9.8 million viewers on Monday night, doubling their highest ratings ever. TLC cried gold tears on Monday. Hopefully Kate worked in a back end deal based on a climb in viewership. The family already earns 1.5 million/season. They should get a wild bonus for a doubled viewership. are a couple of points that I want to make about the show. People that don't have access to what happens behind the scenes should know that -

a. Everything that family does is free. Any travel they do, any products they use, any place they go - it's free because they are Jon & Kate Plus 8. Their groceries are free. If their clothes aren't free, they're heavily discounted. I've actually seen the documents that prove the nonstop freebies. If you see it happen on the show, it's free and if you don't see it on the show, it's still free or almost entirely free.

b. Jon was living in a dream world when he thought he would never be a public figure. Whether documentary style or not, once you put yourself into people's homes via TV, internet, film, YOU BECOME A PUBLIC FIGURE. Once you take freebies, don't be a moron, you're absolutely a public figure.

c. Kate's beloved family is doing nothing to help the situation by speaking out against their own. Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin made 15K for their CBS appearance. FYI - the mags do pay for quotes and the TV shows ALWAYS pay appearance fees. Kate and Jon will not be helped by any of the on the record comments made to magazines, papers and the morning shows. It's a bad choice to go public as they have and will only hurt the family they say they are protecting.

d. Watch or don't watch the new season, but in the best interest of the kids, I would hope that they end the show after this season. Save your money and let it go, Kate. The kids do deserve a private life away from cameras.

I loved this show, but it is ruined for me. It's the curse of reality tv shows - the only twosome still together are Tori & Dean.
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