Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back!!! Hello 2009!

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Hello fair readers!

I've been remiss in updating my blog due to the crazy times of the holidays, but I'm officially back to work today. How sweet it is to be back at my beloved Sony laptop and letting you know how the last couple of weeks have been in the silly life of KW...

So I traveled the Midwest with mainly my brother, Chris, and then our Mom and Dad later in the week. I spent 9 glorious days driving through two ice storms, one snow storm and even something that resembled a monsoon followed by a monster fog. I shopped at Target, Kohl's and made the family rounds, checking in with as many people as possible. We had a great Christmas in Chicago previewed by some good old times in Evansville and Indianapolis. Chris and I drove through an ice storm to see Maria and Jon and then a rain storm to see Nathan. The day I got back to NYC after Christmas, Angel came in to visit for a few days, followed by a little more fun with Nathan over the new year and this weekend.

It's been a great and extended Christmas vacation, not only because I met cutie Ace Young (hehehe...I'm an easy sell...) backstage at Grease this weekend just before the show sadly closes on Broadway - congratulations on a great run, Joe Komara! I also took advantage of the holidays this year to do a lot of cooking in my little kitchen. Angel learned how to make homeade pancakes and did a great job and I baked dozens of cookies.

I am full of love, hope and lots of other wonderful emotions. I hope that 2009 is an exciting year for everyone and that all your dreams and goals come a little closer to coming true each day this year.

Love you all.


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Ashley said...

Yeah! Thanks Kel... even though you mentioned me, i know you were really talking about seeing Ace's bulging biceps in that wife beater. :) xxoo c u in 2.2. i'm posting as Ashley but it's Joe

veritas said...

im glad your back kelly,i love your blogging! =0)))