Monday, December 8, 2008

Marquee, Nascar, Leo, Sam, AM and LINDS

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Magical nights still happen in the randomest moments...Maria was in town all weekend for a girls weekend of fun and we went out a bit. We decided to head to Marquee for the annual Nascar party, which is always fun/not a normal Marquee crowd. One minute we were upstairs chatting with Jon and the next minute, I heard Eye of the Tiger and knew AM was spinning. We headed downstairs, and headed over to his booth so I could basically fawn and say hi. What soon occurred was even better...I turned around and Leonardo DiCaprio was behind me on the banquette. Minutes later, Lindsay and Sam appeared.

Good times ensued. The Box served as the final scene on our wild and crazy Thursday night out. Maria's back in the Midwest and I'm back to work, but the pictures live on forever.
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