Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Britney's Life Continues to be a CIRCUS

And this performance of her latest single is so UNDERwhelming! I'm bummed. I had high hopes and the music is good - but if you're going to lip sync so obviously, I want her to commit to great dance moves. I don't think she's got the Britney performance spark she once had. She should have taken a longer break, she did not need to rush back into the spotlight. Larry Rudolph - I'm talking to you.

Here it is in case you missed her 27th birthday performance on GMA this morning. Happy Birthday, girl. Now disappear into the woods of Kentwood for a few years and chill out.

Here's Britney that I want to see - relaxed and ready to dance her ass off and whip that hair around! And the power skip? Where did it go??? Without the hair and the power skip she's not the same. Check out the dance break at 1:50 in this video. That's a Britney dance break.

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