Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Latest Interviews

Michael Phelps...Kelly Ripa...Eve.

So I interviewed Michael Phelps this week - 5 minutes with the Gold Medalist. He's awesome, down to Earth and really earnest. He looked right in my eyes during every question. I repeat, awesome!!!

Kelly Ripa, my personal idol...she's just kind and very self depricating as is seen on Regis & Kelly.

Eve, rapper, actress extraordinare and she's in the new Drew Barrymore flick, Whip It with Jimmy Fallon, Juliette Lewis and Ellen Page.

Read my work in Page Six Magazine every Sunday or online all week long. My column is called Six in the City - that's the link to my last column. (Cue many, many Carrie Bradshaw references. Mario Cantone aka Charlotte's gay best friend, Anthony, does work out with me at my gym everyday...)

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GL said...

hey...your such a "carrie". the next person who tells you that- slap them as hard as you can, then kiss them. Something Carrie never had the balls to do.