Monday, March 31, 2008

Live Chatting During The Hills


GLitt and I went on the attack this week during the Hills 2nd 30 minute episode.

See if you can follow -

Gregory: whitney is the secret star of this shitshow
10:38 PM DRAMA, roolcall revealed that steph pratt is in LC's class,

10:39 PM me: Whit so is tho she loves to say the g sound with every ing. Guh. Stunnin-guh
10:40 PM Its a little annoying.

Gregory: LC is a bitch- there's no way around that.
10:41 PM how does she manage to turn the simple (mtv rigged) fact that Stepahnie Pratt is in her class, into a direct attack on her. she needs a beat down

me: I don't think she's bad at all. Heidi is truly an idiot and those lips. Did someone say they lost a pound of collagen? Spencer clearly stole it for her.
Pls Stephanie was the first to text.

Gregory: Heidi is hot. trashy hot.
10:42 PM oh snap- back in the computer class.

me: Omg...LCs dress and hair is so overdone.
10:43 PM Ask joe...I lkd like shit in K201.
Oh this apology is ridic. FEEDback.
Give it to me JJ.

Gregory: lol- too much. scripted shit.
oh look- whitney is working.

me: Ps we were at sass and bide and LC was there too!

10:44 PM Gregory: this was the "rainbows for kate" show

me: Let's not say anything bad abt Kelly Cutrone. She'll read it and kill us.

Gregory: ya- fashionweek seems like a fffing YEAR ago
damn, this was in feb?
10:45 PM headste- yelling.

me: Wlddnt u die if we made it into a shot. I'd die of laughter.
Gregory: big fan.

me: I love s and b but I'm not skinny enuf
10:46 PM Oh this is awkward.

Gregory: this was NOt the music? kat deluna my was rollingstones and other oldstuff..
one show and now whit gets a promotion.

10:47 PM me: Its s sad that heidis only frnd is spencers sis

Gregory: I'm moving to peoples's a complex, no? much like melrose place? right...

me: Hahahahahaha...I'm having dinner with them tomorrow.

Gregory: girls are jealous of her. ...bubble boobs and trout pout.

me: Can u imagine if I wore that much makeup to paint?
10:48 PM LOVE Lo.
She and whit r my faves.

Gregory: pst it: the played Lohan's blackhole. ep bofore this one.
so good.

10:49 PM me: That was a great song...she nds to do that again for the new recrd.

Gregory: LO- she's a hooked up bitch. last week's US weekly...set her up with a two page spread AD for verizon phones. WTF..LO got that?

me: So Parkay?

Gregory: just this time lohan will be sober :)

10:50 PM me: At midnt? (Its a commercial)

Gregory: lol- parkay...isn't that also a name of butter substitute? lik, no joke, for reels??
10:51 PM
did they do that on purpose?

me: Aka Butters new prvt club featuring supastah nick cannon!
10:52 PM Of course they did!!! U r soooo blond in this moment!
10:53 PM Is real world road rules challenge over?
Who won?
Those guys r hot.
10:54 PM Heidi is a HOOOKER.

Gregory: i have no idea. i don't watch that.

me: They r beefy guys
All american types.

Gregory: hookers get paid for a reason.
oh kelly, bait.

10:55 PM me: What? I'm innocent.
They aren't necessarily my type but...

Gregory: stephanie pratt is actually WORSE than douchespencer.

me: Spencer bores me to tears.

Gregory: kill them both, ugh.

10:56 PM me: This show is so fake.

Gregory: totes retarded
i love that its fake.
ok- but honestly-

me: But cool headband!
Lc and she spencer r totes bff.
10:57 PM FAKE

Gregory: why do they NEVER show hedi recording or working on her "music" OR Lauren Conrad sketching her line? fake fucks!!!!

me: Hahahahahahahaha! Her music.

Gregory: when does their 'real' life begin?

me: What wld LC sketch? Two tube dresses?

10:58 PM Gregory: oh. good natasha bed song.
"no More"

me: Could Natasha Bedingfield make any more money off this show? Jackpot.

Gregory: LC's b day...dun dun dun

spencer is the fucking devil.

me: Spencer you're making me cry rt now.

Gregory: and....finally....

me: Blehhhhhhh. Kill them off. Its a soap, right?
Great chat GLitt.

11:00 PM Gregory: they need to project the hills at prosion camps- it will make them crack.
"I......sorta . see . myself in "styling".- Whitney Port.
she speaks like she suffered a brain injury.
11:01 PM GOOD chat.

11:03 PM me: There r three guh ings in this ep
Ny brain hurts.

11:04 PM And scene fade to black.
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