Friday, January 4, 2008

Mental Instability


Here are the basics: Britney went nuts last night. Kevin sent the car to pick up the kids from their supervised visit with Brit and after letting the court monitor put SP into the car B locked herself in a bedroom with JJ. The police were called and knocked in the bedroom door. They found B to be on some kind of drug and called an ambulance to take JJ and B to the hospital. She's now under suicide/insanity watch and her father is with her at Cedars Sinai in LA.

The babies are ok and safely back with Kevin. The whole thing spells disaster for B. She will definitely lose visitation of the kids - it's obviously not safe to have them around her until she's mentally healthy again and free of drugs. I'm hoping that she'll be sent to an inpatient rehab for a minimum of three months. She needs to disappear from the spotlight and heal her twisted and drug-filled mind.
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