Monday, December 17, 2007

We Met FE!!!


If you don't know who Fe is, I'll tell you. Y'all, it's Britney's first and most fab assistant. Fe, Felicia Culotta, used to be her assistant during the golden days. The days when she was innocent, pretty, drop dead sexy and acted like she had a functioning brain. Fe was backstage with Big Rob (also from the old Brit days) and they work with the Jonas Brothers now. Fe, Greg and I had a lil chat about BS and boy was it delish. I'm willing to divulge, y'all, in person, but it was just so sad to see this sweet woman moving on and far away from drowning Britney.

(This pic is from Traver's Western themed party, but I thought it fit with all the y'alls I wanted to throw in.)
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veritas said...

hey how about you divulge some crumbs with me on messanger,its just as good as talking in person :O))))