Monday, October 1, 2007

The Fallen


Rock bottom is a tough place to be for anyone, but I imagine that it's even harder for a mom. Britney has proven that she does not keep the best interests of her children in mind and today the judge gave sole custody as of this Wednesday to Kevin Federline. I hope she gets help and bounces back for the sake of Sean Preston and Jayden James. They are the ones who will be the most affected by all of this. They need a stable mom who will not shove them in the face of the paparazzi on a daily basis, smoke in their faces and do drugs while in their presence.
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VaginaFace the 3rd is not GL said...

Well...she has done it. This MUST be her rock bottom. In 9 short years, she has gone from 'pin up' to 'played out'. I know this is a cop out- but I REALLY DO BLAME ALL OF THIS on the media. Well, at least a lot of it can be blamed on the media. As you say though- we all make our own choices.

erik said...

i feel so bad for her. i'm terribly worried that she might try to commit suicide.