Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lucky Me


We all have our top 3 celebrities. He's my number 1. I nearly died when I met Eric Bana tonight at the Lucky You premiere at the TFF. I choked out a hi/congratulations. It was slightly pathetic and I nearly kicked myself when I realized he's playing King Henry in The Other Boleyn Girl. (I'm sure you remember my Tudor family obsession...)

What's a girl to do? Smile and look confident in her black tie dress. At least I looked the part. We touched, by the way. Really by accident, but does it matter?

The movie was a B-, maybe. He was great, Drew Barrymore was ok, and if you don't like poker, it may not be for you. There was a lot of poker, some golf and a mushy touch of love. I like all three.

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veritas said...

thats awesome kelly!, i have been a fan a eric's since seeing him in "the hulk" but munich is by far his best movie ever,and i didnt know he was doing the "the tudors"