Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Public Affair - 1504

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It has been one crazy/fantastic month already! I danced with Jessica Simpson tonight - carte blanche first class for the evening. Jack and I had one amazing little affair with my hair idol. One minute I was dancing with Jack and the next minute Jess and I were putting on a show for someone else...guess who. Shake...shake...shake.

My sanity is so far gone that it is not even funny. I just had the most memorable moment. Jack can share the details. In the words of Fergie...GLAMOROUS. I have Melissa's fab wedding to fly to this weekend and this is a story that will need to be told at the dinner table.

(The photo is from tonight at the Met Ball. It's John M, Kenny P and Jess. She, Ken and John changed clothes for the party we were at later...)

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