Friday, May 4, 2007

Jason Bateman

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For Tom and Will Morgan (the nicest brothers I'd always be willing to give the Heimlich)...I met Michael Bluth!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

And then I met Douche Chill himself, David Cross!!!


This whole post is for Tom and Will because they introduced me to Arrested Development and probs enjoy it more than I do - thank you to my other faithful friends who read this anyway!

So I went to the premiere of The Ex, starring Zach Braff, Jason Bateman and Amanda Peete. The movie was very funny and much better than Lucky You. Sorry Bana. Before the movie started, Laura dared me to talk to Jason and ask for a photo. Normally, I'd say noooo. I can't do that - I'd be embarassed. BUT, Jason is seriously one of my favorite comedic actors. I watch DVD's of Arrested Development every moment that I'm home and not working. Frequently.

We talked about how I've watched season 1 & 3 about 300 times, at which, Jason was like..."no way...there's no way you could stand watching me that often." Obviously I profusely disagreed. Then we talked about his new movie, Juno, which also stars his AD son, Michael Cera and that's when I hooked him. At that point we were walking and talking, but when I mentioned Michael, he stopped, forcing his publicist to stop and he faced me and we had a full on pal to pal conversation.

It was the convo of a lifetime. We discussed how Michael is a genius at such a young age and how bummed he was that he and Michael actually do not have any scenes together in the film. Jason went on to talk about filming AD and how much he loved working with Michael...blah blah blah...Michael is better than he is...not a chance...I am living in heaven. Bana and Bateman in one week.

At the afterparty, I met David Cross, who is not only a great poker player, but an ad-libbing madman. He was very awkward, but really, I was like a foot and a half taller. It's fine.

I met up with Lori and E and then later went down to my fave spot on Earth, but one person was missing for the night...

Happy Friday!!!

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veritas said...

jason is a awesome actor,i remember watching him back in the day on the show "silver spoons", and i didnt know he had movie coming out, i will go check it out for sure........