Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just Your Average Day At Shea


Spring is finally here! The weather is perfect, so Will convinced me to join him at the Mets game yesterday. He wore a bow tie and then he said things like:

"When I look at that photo of Prince William [the one where he's got his hand on some random girl's breast] I think...WHAT A CAD!" Cad is a word I use often? I think the bow tie went to his head. LOVEIT!!!

After the game, we did a quickchange, the bow tie stayed on and we went down to Chelsea Piers for Jason's (my best friend's boyfriend) 30th birthday party at the bowling alley. The gang was all there and Josh said things like:

"Three B's for no G's." Wait, what? His explanation: "Beer, brownies and bowling - my three favorite things for free!!!"

Hopefully, there will be more pics to come. Angel may have lost her camera last night with all the photos on it. The photo above is a CRAPPY sidekick photo of Will in his bow tie at the Mets game.

PS: The Mets killed the Atlanta Braves.

I love my friends. They are all so unique.
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