Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Glamour Shots Erika and I had quite the Friday fact, we had a fun-filled weekend without planning on it.

The place to go: The Box, Simon Hammerstein's dinner-theatre nightspot.

Erika and I decided to go see DJAM spinning at Stereo on Friday. AM and Stereo are such a perfect combination. Then we stopped by Goldbar before heading down for some late night antics at the Box. As luck would have it, I think Lindsay L. might have followed us from Stereo to the Box...

Things got rowdy at the stripper pole. I'll let you imagine it. Nothing but fun.

Saturday I participated in a bit of mischief with Greg and his friend Nick at Misshapes before heading back to the Box. Erika was just arriving as Devorah, John and I pulled up. We definitely did not plan that. We lost Erika, but Devorah and I were in heaven as the Master of Ceremonies, Raven O came on to perform in the burlesque/carnival themed show at 3am.

It was sic.

Lindsay's totally a blonde bombshell.

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Geo said...

Yowww, whos the HOT brunette?????????

Greg said...

Can't believe we missed each other at Goldbar on Friday!

I want a Raven night :)