Monday, March 5, 2007

Wacky Weekends





My "little" (he's 6 feet, 7 inches tall)and only brother, Christopher, was in town to visit me this weekend. He's a helicopter pilot training in Alabama to fly for our fine military. I'm very proud.

Anyway, CW came to visit, so I frantically scrubbed my apartment and worked from home on Thursday to get everything ready for his Friday am arrival only to wake up Friday sick!!! YUCK. BUT, I stayed in bed all day Friday and sucked it up for an all-nighter of hanging out on Saturday.

We had a superb and very political lunch with Devorah at Vynl and then I took CW, Greg and another friend, Dave, to Goldbar and then Marquee later that night. I stayed sober, the men got drunk. It worked for me! Today CW and I snagged lunch with Will, the choker. It was a great weekend. I already miss Chris.

Diddy forcing the new and superhot DJ at Marquee to spin all his music for the night.

That I somehow missed Lenny Kravitz at's not that big!?!

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Anonymous said...

Had a great time Kel. Thanks for squiring me around NYC (A little Will Ferrel aka "Ron Burgundy" talk). I can't believe we missed Lenny Kravitz at Gold Bar. Until next time...