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Must Read, Then Vomit

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I am so happy that Rosie's loud mouth booted Dina right off the View. She's a terrible mother and is only out for herself. I love this article. If you have on.

Lindsay's Mom Falls from View

by Gina Serpe (E! News)

Slowly but surely, Team Trump is bolstering its roster.

Dina Lohan, momager to Lindsay, was unceremoniously booted from her scheduled guest spot on The View this morning after cohost Rosie O'Donnell made clear on air this week that she was no fan of the elder Lohan's mothering—or, as it happens, non-mothering—ways.

The 44-year-old was due to appear on the femme-fueled chat fest Thursday morning, presumably to speak about her daughter, as well as, no doubt, the current Harper's Bazaar article in which she lashes out at her "party mom" image and the media's assumption that Lindsay, who as it happens just completed a stint in rehab and who boasted in December that she had gone an entire seven days without a drink, is an alcoholic.

O'Donnell, likely speaking on behalf of a major portion of the country, wasn't buying the claims and said as much during Wednesday's show, reading aloud from a rather unflattering New York Post article detailing some of the stage mom's more choice quotes from the magazine profile.

Producers apparently took the hint and dropped the elder Lohan from their lineup.

"Dina Lohan was booked to appear this morning on The View, but, at the discretion of the producers, the booking was canceled," a show spokesperson told E! News.

The former Rockette did not take kindly to the abrupt snub.

"I just want the truth to be told!" she told OK! magazine. "We are a strong family unit. As a single mom I couldn't be more proud of my children! We are truly blessed."

Blessed, and misunderstood—or at least she claimed as much in the hot-button Harper's Bazaar interview.

"We're just so misunderstood," she said, going on to deflect speculation that she's a stage mom, saying, "I was in the business, and I'm going to help them. You don't like that? I'm living the American dream."

She also defended the fact that she seems to be daughter Lindsay's club-hopping arm candy of choice, and that she not only attends the "It" hangouts with her recently rehabbed offspring, but that she has been photographed drinking in front of the Mean Girls star since she completed treatment.

"Listen to me: Lindsay would drag me, literally drag my loser butt there and say, 'I need you to know who these people are.' Yeah, she trusts my judgment. She's in such a whirlwind; she's in a tornado. I mean, we're talking serious earthquake, you know?

"Oh, the party mom, the party mom, the party mom! Whoever said that, my ex-husband or whatever, I'm not the party mom!"

What O'Donnell and the Post took particular umbrage with, however, was the fact that Lohan was acting more like a sister than a mom—she told the mag she introduces herself as Lindsay's personal assistant rather than mother—and that she seems, according to them, to be more interested in sharing the limelight than protecting her daughter from potentially relapsing.

"Lindsay had to fall to get up," she said. "I knew it was coming. I told her, but finally she was like, 'Mommy, I had to do it myself.' You can lead a horse to water. You can't make him drink."

As for her own nightlife activities, she's unapologetic: "If you can button it and clip it when you're in your 40s, you're going out."

As for suggestions that the underage tabloid queen perhaps had a more serious problem, Lohan brushed off the claims.

"Nooo! She is just a 20-year-old who had to reel it in. And she's from an addictive personality genetically. And in that world, they give you things like candy. Hurt your ankle? 'Let's give her something.'"

Still, the elder Lohan's rep said the media was once again overreacting to Dina.

"The woman is honest," her rep told People. "Just because the New York Post and Rosie O'Donnell take everything out of context? There's nothing bad there. Dina's doing the best she can with what she has. [She] has three other kids. No one ever talks about that."

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veritas said...

i consider myslef to be a very esay going nice guy and i try to always speak well of others but i now must say i think rosie is a bully,she's a mean,rude,loud bully.if i had the power to i would buy an hour of chris rock and dave chappelle's time and have them go off on her for an hour on tv or pay preview, that would be too funny and i think it would put her in her place.......