Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!


I dissappeared this week because I was surprising my Mom in Chicago for her birthday. My Dad and I worked it out so I flew in, stayed with my Grandma and then met my parents at a restaurant downtown before we all saw Wicked together. My Mom was shocked...I walked up to her in the restaurant and asked if I could take her order...yeah.

I love my parents and my lil' brother and I love seeing them! (Chris is busy flying helicopters for the Army in Alabama...) Though short, it was totally worth the three day jaunt after LA.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!


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veritas said...

aww, that so how cute.....

Will said...

Good thing your mom isn't Lucille Bluth or she would have never known you were even there. "Hello ma'am, can I get your drink order?"