Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sports, Ribs and Choking


Forgive me for the Sidekick quality photo and my inability to rotate it. You don't really need to see it to get the picture.

Will and I hit Brother Jimmy's on Saturday for an afternoon of food and college basketball. Will arrived, took a large vitamin pill and choked. Now, I have performed the Heimlich on Will in the past and honestly thought I might have to again. I didn't. It lodged in his throat, but he was able to sip water for 3 HOURS before it finally dissolved enough to eat his rib sandwich.

I called his brother to make fun of him as soon as I knew it wasn't life threatening. I love the Morgan family.
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Will said...

I was eating a North Carolina pulled pork sandwich, not a rib sandwich, for those of you keeping track at home.

tom said...

maybe natural selection is trying to you something... kelly stop playing god. shoes.

tom said...

maybe natural seclection is trying to TELL you something. my b.