Sunday, February 11, 2007


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The name says it all. GOLDBAR is new, located somewhere in Manhattan and is covered in gold. It's so exclusive that I can't even tell you how to get in. BUT, I will tell you this:

Every detail is expensive and extravagant and shipped from an exotic locale.

There are 3000 gold skulls on the walls.

A gold plated and domed ceiling glows overhead with massive crystal chandeliers.

Royal Tenenbaum-esque photos hang throughout.

The bathrooms are decorated in gold graffiti.

The VIP booth exists in DJ land. Total privacy.

Staffers can offer you four kinds of ice and freshly squeezed juices from every fruit in the world to mix with any liquour.

It is exquisite.

I have never been to a better nightspot in my life.



GL said...

what? no posting today?

Anonymous said...

But how's the coat-check line?

veritas said...

no sidekick photos?