Thursday, February 22, 2007

BR LA Edition - Wednesday


Best. Day. Ever.

Hit the Stuart Weitzman and Mario Badescu Oscar Suites run by Full Picture at the Sofitel. While enjoying the glam view of the Hollywood Hills, I had my hair and nails done for the evening's festivities.

Those festivities...

The Radar Mag launch party with Tinsley and Fabiola and a little fun at Teddy's.

More pics are on their way, but let's just say there was a certain NYC contingent getting their sexy on at the Radar party at the Standard. If memory serves, not only did Greg chat it up with Andre Balazs about the Beaver Bar, he also tried to steal a T & F Radar poster. Crazy, betch.

Britney checked herself back into Promises rehab facility. OY. Stay put, girl.
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GL said...

It was "Beaver Bar" .....betch.

veritas said...

what really good photo of everyone,you look awesome kelly!, im glad you guys are having fun well your out here.......