Monday, January 29, 2007

Well Kids..


Another fun-filled weekend has passed and I'm so ready for fashion week, but not before I fill you in on the weekend's activities...

I had dinner at STK for the second time on Friday night. I think the hosts at the front are terrible, but the waiter was great and the food is delicious. Totally overpriced, but delicious nonetheless. You pay for the chic, new, trendy, place-to-be-seen. We took the lovely Angelique to Tenjune downstairs for a little birthday dancing and then hit Five 9th with Greg M.

On Saturday, I saw Catch & Release (not great) with Angel and then Smokin' Aces (very good) later with Greg, followed by another dinner at the burger joint, Stand. Greg was originally thinking Misshapes dancing later, but for once, I just couldn't do it.

On Sunday, I hit Notes On A Scandal (devious and enjoyable) with Devorah.

That's what I call a movie weekend and a red meat weekend. I ate more steak, burgers and fast food than any healthy person should be allowed. GROSS but sooooo meaty!!!!!!
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r. $eB@$tI@n said...

notes on a scandal was great!