Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Step Away From The Nuts


Little Penguin Greg (G.Maliczyszyn from Kwitco) and I got together last evening to do some work...and to have some roundtable discussions. After a delish dinner at Stand, the new burger joint on 12th and University, we hit a spot that you might have heard of - Marquee.

Normally, I'm a big fan, but I wasn't quite feeling it last night when I saw the above on the bar. Serving nuts at Marquee? Seriously? We ran for the door.

We then continued our discussion at a table at Butter where all the girls did step out for a Public Affair. M&A&E&M where all there. Celeb names to come later in the week.
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Greg said...

White planters, birch trees and tulle-- I'm actually cringing as I type...

Looking forward to our next "NIGHT in 4-D!" Dinner, Drinks, Dancing and, most important...DISH :)