Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pint Size People Take 2

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I love her, but let's note a couple important points about Ash Ols (departing LAX for NYC) right here:

1. That GIANT Hermes Birkin in her left hand cost more than $20,000.
2. Those shoes are inappropriate for the airport. No matter what.

That bag makes me sick and for once, not in a good way. Seriously, give the money away, girl. You don't need that!

*I heard rumors she was at Tenjune with me tonight and I didn't notice. If I had, I would have said something. I swear. That bag is obnoxious.

Thanks to for the pic.

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r. $eB@$tI@n said...

now if only she had her big grey fur on, the outfit would be complete....