Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Kobe Club Meets David Arquette


After last night's debauchery, a part of me said, "I'm totally staying in tonight...I mean, I already saw Nick and Vanessa and Scarlett Johanssen last night."

But the rest of me screamed, "New VIP club...MUST ATTEND."

Clearly my wanna-be socialite ways are acting up in 2007.

I had a great time with the usual media circus...Zeif, Shap, James, Patrick...everyone came, but I was thrilled to see Laura and Greg M., pictured above. We really had to catch up.

And PS, I actually had to get David Arquette in. How often can you say that? Let's be honest, he's been on vaca with Pitt!

Laura's the new girl at the NY Daily News. She writes Gatecrasher daily with Ben Widdicome. Read it.
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