Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Jessica and John VS. Nicole and Joel

NEW HOLLYWOOD IT COUPLES!!! Do you love it???

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(Borrowed from - highly enjoyable website!!!)

Jess-y Simp and John Mayer are seriously hooking up and so are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden...I really love it. These are two new supercouples that rocked their relationship in public on New Years Eve. The rumors have been going on for months, but now we have pics!!!

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US Weekly Cover - Main image has to be Jess and John with a cover chip of Nicole and Joel.

Possible Alternate - since they kinda hate Jess right now after that whole debacle during the VMA's (ask me in private if you don't know what I'm talking about...)

- Main image and coverline, Britney's Breakdown, with a cover chip of Nicole and Joel and Jess and John spouting off the new celeb couples.

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GL said...

obvs- joel and NICOLE all the way!